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So you just got a laser facial, now what? ⁠ Here are the best practices to follow after you get laundered with us ✨

Caring for your skin post-facial

Your skin has just been freshly laundered, but now what?

We’re breaking down the do’s, don'ts, potential side effects, and giving you pro-tips to help you maintain your glow and keep your skin healthier than ever.

Our post-facial recommendations:

+ Keep your skin clean for as long as you can

+ Avoid direct sun exposure

+ Reapply spf 30+ every 2 hours at a minimum after a signature laser facial

+ Consider using a retinol following a fractional or ultra duo, based on skin sensitivity. Your skin is 90% more absorbent after fractional or ud which can help further your results. You can start using a low dose retinol as soon as the night after treatment.

You should avoid:

+ Manual exfoliation and touching or picking at your skin

+ Harsh chemicals such as any prescribed topical medications

+ Any new or unfamiliar products

+ Wearing makeup for 24 hours after receiving a fractional or ultra duo

+ Working out for 24 hours after a fractional or ultra duo

+ Wearing spf for 24 hours after a fractional or ultra duo (wear a hat or stay inside & chill instead)

+ Any other additional facial treatments within or outside of skin laundry (for signature 24 hours, for fractional 1 week, for ultra duo 2 weeks)

Potential side effects post-treatment:

If at any point you are concerned about your skin please contact your local Skin Laundry clinic right away.


What is it? Why does it happen?

What is it: Pimples & small bumps.

Why does it happen: As your skin cell turnover rate increases, your skin may “purge” all of the dead skin, congestion, and sebum that was already underneath the surface. Our treatments are also driving the bacteria out of the skin. With consistent treatments chances of purging will decrease because your skin will get cleaner with every treatment.


What is it? Why does it happen?

What is it:  Skin is flushed in appearance. The skin is reacting to the heat build up or disruption in the skin which causes a change from your baseline skin tone.

Why does it happen: Skin is reacting to any changes made to the different layers of the skin. Heat can cause the blood vessels in the 2nd layer of the skin to widen in an attempt to cool down the body. This response can cause the skin to become flushed in appearance.

Rough texture

What is it? Why does it happen?

What is it: Uneven texture to the skin and/or the feeling of dryness.

Why does it happen: After a Fractional and Ultra Duo laser facial your skin may feel a bit rough and dry, which just means your skin is resurfacing. The micro-channels created from the laser cause a surge of cell renewal helping your skin build new skin cells while pushing out the old, resulting in smoother feeling and looking skin.


What is it? Why does it happen?

What is it: Red, itchy, elevated area on the skin

Why does it happen: Reaction in the skin to heat or to an allergen

Pro tips from our nurses:

+ Put a hydrating sheet mask in the fridge! The coolness will feel great on your skin.

+ Wash and change your pillowcases.

+ Wipe your cell phone clean with an anti-bacterial wipe.

+ Wash your makeup brushes.

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