The Treatment

The future of healthy skin

You’re all about simple routines and solutions that actually work. So are we. We’ve taken world-class laser and light therapy out of the doctor’s office and put it into our Skin Laundry clinics – where it’s fast, affordable and incredibly effective. Our revolutionary treatment administers the perfect dose of laser and light to deep clean skin every time, dramatically improving it over time. The treatment is so easy – skin looks refreshed from the moment you walk out the door. No makeup necessary.

The Treatment

Immediate Benefits

  • Vaporizes dirt and removes bacteria
  • Improves dull complexion and unevenness
  • Tightens and brightens skin
  • Leaves skin softer, smoother, radiant, & glowing

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Long-term Results

  • Helps reduce sun damage & early signs of aging
  • Noticeably reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduces overall redness
  • Clears acne and helps prevent future breakouts
  • Reduces the visible appearance of pores
  • Evens skin tone, texture
  • Reduces the visible amount of scarring on the skin from acne lesions and cysts
  • Reduces hyper-pigmentation, unevenness, sun spots, age spots, and melasma
  • Diminishes visible broken capillaries
  • Stimulates collagen and elastin production
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