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Laundry Stories


“Skin Laundry has completed changed the way I think about my skin. I’ve been using the service for about a year, and for the first time my skin feels really clean. The treatment lasts only 10 mins- which is so great for running errands- and is completely relaxing, but what I love most is that I feel all the dirt and pollutants leaving my skin. I glow when I leave- and the glow lasts. I’ve had a treatment in the morning and had security guards at night mention my glowing skin- security guards! The best part- I feel as if I don’t have to wear make-up. With my skin looking great I usually am just putting on mascara, a moisturizer/sunscreen and lip gloss- and I feel confident, because my skin looks awesome. Recently I also began using the hydrating mask- it’s amazing! After my skin feels so smooth and hydrated- but not greasy. In short, I’m in love with Skin Laundry and the glowing skin it’s given me!”