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Laundry Stories

Co-Founder Amore & Vita

“My skin has never been better after consistently using Skin Laundry. It’s not a quick fix that you go in and just magically your skin is perfect, but using it regularly has improved my complexion noticeably. I like to think of it as personal training for your skin – you don’t just go once and have a perfect body. In addition, they after care product range is a godsend when I can’t make it to a treatment or I’m out of town. I was a little apprehensive at first with the “laser” part of the facial cleaning system as no one likes to hear they have a laser going over the surface of their skin but the treatment is noninvasive and completely safe and now I literally long for the tingling sensation. A lot of women I know are busy, with crazy schedules that change by the hour so having a system that you can literally be in and out of in 10 minutes without any downtime is an absolute godsend! I am a huge product and service loyalist so when I find something that works there is no better feeling.”