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Please read the below conditions and circumstances that would prevent us from treating you. Some conditions prevent treatment altogether, and other circumstances require you wait a period of time to receive a facial. If you are uncertain, please contact your local Skin Laundry to clarify. Prior to your treatment, your provider will re-review your consent and you will be asked to reschedule if there is any reason that we cannot safely treat you.

Conditions Not Eligible for Treatment:

• Light Induced Seizures (please check with your neurologist if you are uncertain.)
• Active Infection or Inflammatory Skin Condition (includes open, non-healed cold sores and/or present, active rash, eczema, or psoriasis flare up.
• Current Sunburn on Area to Be Treated – wait until subsides (subject to our therapist judgment).

Contraindications Specific to Our Fractional
and Ultra Duo facials

• Collagen disorder (i.e. Lupus)
• Any invasive/ablative treatments, such as Fraxel, CO2 laser, in previous 1 month
• Any medications causing impaired wound healing in prior 3 months
• Pregnancy and/or breastfeeding

Vitiligo – Current or Prior Presence on the
Area to Be Treated

Based on our Skin Laundry medical providers skin assessment and consultation may clear you for treatment if vitiligo has never been present on the treatment area.

Prior Systematic Therapy with Gold

We are unable to treat clients with prior systematic Gold Therapies, whether injection-based, intravenous, or oral.

History of Skin Cancer on the Area to Be Treated

You must consult with and receive medical clearance from your doctor. Please download form HERE.

Photosensitizing Medications (must wait
a period of weeks or months)

Please note, our medical team will review all medications being taken prior to treatment and will assess the skin to ensure it is at baseline and ready for treatment. Photosensitizing medications [do what that could make unsafe?] and include, but are not limited to:

• Chemotherapy (please check with your oncologist, as some chemo medications can be photosensitizing, to gather recommended waiting period.)
• Antibiotics such as Doxycycline, Tetracycline, Sulfonamides - wait one week after the last dose.
• Topical Therapy, such as 5-fluorouracil - wait one week after completion of therapy.
• Photodynamic Therapy - wait 2 weeks after completion of therapy.
• Oral Retinoids (Isotretinoin, Accutane) - wait 6 months after the last dose.
• Diuretics may be photosensitizing (please check with your doctor to ensure your safety).

Non-Skin Laundry Facial Medical or Aesthetic Treatments with Recommended Waiting Periods

• Botox or Fillers received on the area to be treated within the last 5 day – wait 5 full days.
• Spray Tan / Self-tanning lotion on area to be treated within the last week – wait one full week.
• Laser facial, microneedling, dermaplaning, chemical peels, Cosmelan, or microdermabrasion on the area to be treated within the previous 2 weeks – wait two full weeks.
• Micro infusion - received on the area to be treated within 24 hrs for aquagold/neogold based treatments.
• Laser hair removal within the last week – wait at least one full week or longer (healing stages may vary and your skin will be assessed during consultation).
• Waxing/Threading within 48 hours – nurse will assess. If sensitive, we recommend to wait.
• Retinoid (used topically) -have sensitive skin or present any skin sensitivity, it is recommended they wait 48 hours before proceeding.
• Freezing/ Cauterizing off (moles, milia, skin tags, etc.) If in localized small area, nurse will avoid treated area. If it is a wide area, client must wait two weeks.
• PDO Threads received on the area to be treated within the last 30 days – wait 30 full days.
• Rhinoplasty Requires medical clearance form for area to be treated if procedure done within 6 months. Please download HERE and consult your doctor. Clearance is not needed if area avoided within 6 months and post 6 months of procedure and skin/area is at baseline.
• Facelift: (localized treatment) Requires medical clearance form if procedure done in the within 6 months. Please download HERE and consult your doctor. Clearance is not needed if post 6 months of procedure and skin/area is at baseline.

Non-Skin Laundry Facial Medical or Aesthetic Treatments with No Wait Time

• Hydrafacial
• Milia Extractions (with a manual tool)
• LED light therapy facial (red/blue)
• Cryotherapy/Sauna
• Ultherapy
• Thermage/ Radiofrequency Skin Tightening
• Cool Sculpting

Other Safety Precautions and Suggestions from our Medical Team

This section is for your information only, not contraindications. You may still be treated if any apply:

• Pregnant and/or breastfeeding: Please notify our staff. Prior to receiving Skin Laundry Laser treatments, we recommend that you notify and receive clearance from your OB/GYN physician, but do not require. While Skin Laundry treatments have not been associated with an increased risk of adverse reactions in clients who are pregnant and/or breastfeeding, nor would they be expected to, it's best to consult with your OB/GYN prior to undergoing any treatment. Exception: Skin Laundry Thermo Fractional treatments will not be performed on pregnant or breastfeeding clients.
• History of cold sores: Be aware that cold sores may be triggered by heat/light, and prophylactic antiviral medication is recommended.
• Present or history of keloid scarring: Be aware you may have increased risk of keloid formation. Hypertrophic or keloid scars will be avoided during treatment.
• Bearded clients: We avoid treating areas with facial hair growth, so it's ideal to come in clean shaven or with only stubble if you’d like the beard area treated.
• Freckles: Our laser and thermo facials are perfectly safe for freckles, and will not remove them
• Dark pigment skin tones: Unlike other technologies, our Laser and Thermo Fractional facial technology are safe to treat all skin tones.

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