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Pregnancy & Nursing

Pregnancy & Nursing

You asked, so we answered. Your Skin Laundry guide to pregnancy + nursing skincare ✨

Are lasers Safe?

YES! Our lasers are safe for pregnant women!

While our lasers facials are safe to receive while pregnant/nursing, we do recommend all of our pregnant/nursing clients to consult with their OB/GYN prior to treatment.  

Ingredients to avoid

+ Vitamin A derivatives (including Retinol)

+ Certain Alpha Hydroxy Acids

+ Certain Beta Hydroxy Acids

+ Salicylic Acid + Hydroquinone

Safe ingredients

+ Hyaluronic Acid

+ Peptides

+ Vitamin C

+ Ascorbic Acid

+ Niacinamide

+ Natural ingredients (some examples include Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel and Zinc)

Product recommendations

+ Gentle Foaming Face Wash

+ Hydrating Cream Wash

+ Ultra Hydration Boost with Hyaluronic Acid

+ Hydrating Facial Sheet Mask

+ Daily Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 35

+ Brightening Serum with Glycolic Acid

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