a revolutionary way to clean your skin in under 10 minutes

Skin Laundry's revolutionary laser and light treatment vaporizes the dirt and impurities deep down into your pores leaving your skin Clean, Clear, & Radiant in under 10 minutes.


the ultimate skin cleansing treatment using advanced technology

Skin Laundry's best-in-class lasers also stimulate collagen production, break down pigment, and even out skin tone. SL's proprietary laser and light treatement is quick & easy, with no lifestyle disruptions so you can be on your way.

the skin laundry laser & light treatment

Our procedure will return your skin back to its natural glow. We believe that everything starts with clean skin. Our treatment helps reduce acne, pigmentation and evens out skin tone.

safety is our priority

At Skin Laundry, your care and safety is our highest priority. We are a team of experienced, board-certified physicians and health care professionals who are dedicated to providing you with world-class care.

results at an affordable price

Our packages and membership programs are priced so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of Skin Laundry. Inquire now to find a plan that is best suited to you.

skin laundry skincare line

our products have been designed to work hand in hand with our laser facial so that you can enjoy maximum results post treatment

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