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I have always had deep pores and extremely noticeable blackheads around my nose and cheeks and have tried everything from scrubs to blackhead strips to try and get rid of the blackheads and minimize my pores. Nothing had ever worked.

I recently made a new friend and the first thing I noticed about her was how amazing her skin was. It looked as though she had not one pore on her face! I finally commented on it and she said, “You have to try Skin Laundry’s Laser and Light Treatment.”

The next week I went into Skin Laundry and had my first treatment. The first thing they do is clean your face with amazing cleansing clothes that smell heavenly! Next was the laser treatment – The laser was a light tingle on my face and I will admit it tingled a bit more around my nose and cheeks but was not unbearable at all. Next came the light treatment, which was just a quick few flashes of light, no pain at all. The treatments themselves didn’t even take 10 minutes. Afterwards, there was no pain, no sensitivity, I had no redness, nothing at all!

When I got home I looked into my magnifying mirror to see if anything had happen and the first thing I noticed was that there were NO blackheads around my nose. There were clean, tiny holes where dirt used to be! It was amazing! They are now getting smaller and smaller as I continue treatments.

While at Skin Laundry, I also got the Gentle Facial Cleanser and the Night Serum. The cleanser is like silk on your face and has a great smell. The Night Serum has no scent and it only took a few drops to cover my entire face and neck.

Needless to say, I will be continuing these treatments as I have never seen this type of result in just one treatment anywhere else. Simply amazing results!