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“I discovered SKIN LAUNDRY in November on 2014.
I fell in love with it, and what it did for my skin and look.
I used to tan on a regular basis because my skin was blotchy, and the pigment wasn’t always even. Well, I have not tanned in four months and LOVE the tone and color of my skin from going to SKIN LAUNDRY!!
I decided to call it ‘THE GYM FOR YOUR SKIN’!
I leave after each session with my skin feeling alive and exercised and glowing. You don’t walk out with a look of just having had ‘work’ done! There is NO down time.
The convenience and speed of treatments is unparalleled in the skin care industry.
I used to also get standard facials for about $100 or more per session once a month or so, and it would require at least 2 hours of my time.
With SKIN LAUNDRY, I conveniently book online from my phone and run in and am out in 15 minutes or less! This is especially appealing for men especially men with busy schedules.
I leave after each session with a better and MORE clean feeling than from a traditional 1 or more hour facial.
I feel that with SKIN LAUNDRY, I have knocked at least 5 years off of the look of my skin and lines. The smoothness and glow is unparalleled with any other skin treatments I’ve had!
I DON’T believe in invasive treatments, surgery or injections of any kind and have NEVER had them. I refuse to. And I hate the way it makes one look!
Because I believe in aging gracefully. Of course with any non-invasive and surgical help I can get, and that is SKIN LAUNDRY. I believe this is the closest treatment for my skin I have found which integrates and complements naturally, with my lifestyle of healthy natural eating and wholesome living!
In a town and industry, that is so carried away with invasive surgeries and injections, this is a wonderful alternative to all of that craziness and expense and look!
I don’t want to not look older, I’ve earned it, but I want to look BETTER older gracefully. This is it for me!
I am hooked on SKIN LAUNDRY and will most likely include it in my skin regimen for years to come from here on out. I have NO need for anything else when it comes to my skin!!”